Installing Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft” on an Acer Aspire 1690

My laptop is rendered useless by a problem in windows. The First partition is erased and the second is backupped. Vista will be installed on this machine Monday.

So, I guess this the perfect time to install Ubuntu on this machine.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. download the ISO and burn it,
  2. boot from the cd,
  3. screen goes blank, attach other screen to vga port and boot again,
  4. create a root and swap partition and install,
  5. boot the new system and install the 137 updates that were automatically detected,
  6. find solution to blank screen problem,
  7. enable universe and multiverse repositories,
  8. display microsoft fonts like on windows,
  9. install the flash plugin,
  10. install ntfs-3g,
  11. install “ntfsprogs”,
  12. mounting my ntfs partition now fails,
  13. boot with windows xp installation disk and run chkdsk from the recovery console,
  14. mounting my ntfs partition now works and I can read and write to it.


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