Silver Explorer

As most of my friends know, I’m partially colorblind. Most webdevelopers have no idea what their site looks like for someone like me. Thanks to the power of Adobe Air I’m now capable of letting you experience it firsthand.

Silver Explorer is a browser that lets you surf the net in grayscale.

Flash version 9.0.115 required

12 Responses to “Silver Explorer”

  1. KeeKee says:

    My brother is color blind and I used to tease him when we were little for some of the things he would put on to wear. With this, I now feel like a “jerk” since I can actually see what he sees. Thanks for opening my eyes. I’ll have to tell him to try pink glasses, HUMMMM. Bet he won’t do it.

  2. Noel Berg says:

    I used to date a guy who was partially colorblind, having trouble with reds and greens too. I find the subject very interesting, as I used to have to help him pick out his clothes and socks. Pink glasses? Never heard of that!

  3. Christophe says:

    Handy tool, will use it to check our own recent projects

  4. […] is a browser with blurriness built-in like my own Silver Explorer. Behind the scenes Andre told me he’s thinking about integrating it with RobotReplay so he […]

  5. Berkay UNAL says:

    Well i was doing a similar project for basecamp.

    As you know AIR does not have a dowload manager so when you click on a download link in an AIR app, it does nothing.

    So i was about to write a code for parsing the links to .exe ‘s and proxying them to a flashs file reference so AIR can download them. I am at the beginning but if anyone out there has managed this can they share their code with me

  6. @sinatosk: On a mac it also uses the same cookies as Safari.

  7. @sinatosk: I’ve tested this on a windows machine now and saw that a cookie was sent to google. It appears the Air HTML component uses the system cookies just as Internet explorer does. Why google sees this as a different login than your own is a total mystery to me.

  8. @sinatosk: This is extremely odd. You’re actually the second person reporting that. This is obviously a bug in googles security. No cookies/cached files are included with the Silver Explorer.

    @Bart MollĂ©: Thank you. I’m not entirely colorblind, I just have trouble distinguishing between red and green.

  9. Bart Mollé says:

    Great work Kristof (and Brik), didn’t know you were color blind. You should try pink glasses. Adam Curry does and he is colorblind as well.

  10. sinatosk says:

    not to scare you or anything but it was logged onto a gmail account and I can see the emails in them… begins with “g” and ends with “e”

  11. The badge and icons are made by Brik.
    He really did a great job!

  12. Santy Piet says:

    Nice one Kristof! Badge looks great.