Silverlight vs Flash Chess

After seeing the Silverlight Chess sample I immediately started work on a flash version. It needs a lot of optimizing, not a single variable type was set, so it’s not a very fair fight. Anyway … flash is about 10x faster than the ie7 js engine on my machine. But still a lot slower than silverlight.

Compare for yourself:

4 Responses to “Silverlight vs Flash Chess”

  1. @Lieven: Heel zeker. Probeer t eens in internet explorer. Daar zal je merken dat flash veel sneller is. Of in chrome waar javascript het net sneller doet.

  2. […] compare Flash against .NET. The original game can be found here. The blog post from my colleague here. After the presentation on this, I asked a Microsoft guy how Flash would compare to this. He told […]

  3. Kristof, ben je zeker dat je tweede voorbeeld (met flash) in orde is. Het lijkt erop dat het nog steeds Javascript is die vergeleken wordt met Silverlight. (aantal nodes per seconde is ongeveer gelijk met eerste voorbeeld…).

  4. Great! I’ll check it also and try to optimize it!

    Quote from a Microsoft guy when being asked ‘How would the Flash Player compare with JS and Silverlight?’ : “I don’t think it is even possible to create such a Chess Game with Flash/Flex/AS3…”. Stupid boy.