Safari 3 Beta for Windows

Apple just released Safari 3 Beta for Windows.

It looks nice and even passes the acid 2 browser test

Acid2 Browser Test - Safari for Windows

This beta will probably be used as a web development tool more than as a default browser. Thats where the Safari Developer FAQ comes in handy and don’t forget to enable the debug menu! Add the following to %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\Safari\Preferences.plist.


This is a beta so some bugs were to be expected. Bookmarks don’t work at all on my machine and typing in text inputs crashes the browser. I couldn’t believe that last one at first so I created a testcase.

Update: An exploit has been found in the beta. Don’t use this for casual surfing!

Update 2: An updated version is released that fixes three security "issues".

2 Responses to “Safari 3 Beta for Windows”

  1. Christophe says:

    I noticed some bugs aswell, looking at some old sites we made, the text just wasn’t there. The text had completely disappeared from the site … hmmm.

  2. lise says:

    regarding the crash on text-input…
    this seams to be fixed..
    but when typing the ” in a text field safari still crashes.
    I’m using the option that by pressing “before another character i can create ë etc. If i press the ” it crashes :-S