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Vista speedup part 2


My previous post about vista speedup has been quite popular. But it doesn’t mention defragmenting your harddrive. This is such an obvious thing to do I forgot to mention it.

A fragmented drive is a slow drive. As a daily defragmenting tool I use JkDefrag. It is fast, efficient and does the job better than the default tool. Plus it is free and open source.

An even better tool is PerfectDisk 8. It isn’t free, but it can defragments your MFT. That is worth quite a lot.

Safari 3 Beta for Windows


Apple just released Safari 3 Beta for Windows.

It looks nice and even passes the acid 2 browser test

Acid2 Browser Test - Safari for Windows

This beta will probably be used as a web development tool more than as a default browser. Thats where the Safari Developer FAQ comes in handy and don’t forget to enable the debug menu! Add the following to %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\Safari\Preferences.plist.


This is a beta so some bugs were to be expected. Bookmarks don’t work at all on my machine and typing in text inputs crashes the browser. I couldn’t believe that last one at first so I created a testcase.

Update: An exploit has been found in the beta. Don’t use this for casual surfing!

Update 2: An updated version is released that fixes three security "issues".

Vista speedup


Vista seems to run sluggish sometimes. Luckily there is a cure!




The Vista command line is far better than the XP one. Forfiles and find combined allow me to search files containing a certain string deep into directories. This could of course be done in explorer with type:asp TextToSearch.

forfiles /S /M *.asp /C "find /N \"TextToSearch\" @file" | more