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Vista speedup part 2


My previous post about vista speedup has been quite popular. But it doesn’t mention defragmenting your harddrive. This is such an obvious thing to do I forgot to mention it.

A fragmented drive is a slow drive. As a daily defragmenting tool I use JkDefrag. It is fast, efficient and does the job better than the default tool. Plus it is free and open source.

An even better tool is PerfectDisk 8. It isn’t free, but it can defragments your MFT. That is worth quite a lot.

Flash on the Beach – day 3 – Adobe town hall meeting

  • New ways of working with video coming soon (before CS4).
  • Cross-domain cache might not come for anything but Adobe stuff for security and privacy.
  • Nothing is said about Flash on the iPhone.
  • Adobe is listening to the community. Just send them lots of mail when you want something done. They really care.
  • They are working on features to make Papervision faster, But they will not replace it by something else.
  • Support for Chinese text will improve.

Flash on the Beach – day 2



  • Wow, Mario Klingemann’s presentation was great.
  • Tink explained how to customize the flex preloader, use styles and skins and create your own skinnable and styleable components. He’s going to put his slides and code on his blog by monday. I highly recommend giving it a look.
  • Robert Hodgin showed amazing animations in processing. The entire room went silent when he showed his work on magnetosphere.
  • Disco dancing.
  • 5 am … sleep.

Food and drinks

  • Eggs and toast.
  • Starbucks coffee.
  • Pizza!

Flash on the Beach – day 1



  • Barely slept
  • Registration. Got a goodybag containing flash on the beach slippers, stickers, a towel and a book.
  • Intro.
  • Next version of flash gets a cross-domain component cache, typed arrays, encrypted video streams, much better text flow, 64 bit support, multiple processor support, full screen gpu support, … Also see Aral’s post on this.
  • Flex gets a performance profiler and renaming a methods will change all calls to it. Refactoring is finally here.
  • Sneak preview of Flash CS4. Animation without keyframes, bezier paths for motion tweens, reverse kinematics, …
  • Particle effects in as3.
  • Pirates of accessability. Still no seamless tabbing in Firefox 3. Inspect32 gives us the same data as screen readers can get from flash.
  • Joshua Davis was awesome.
  • Casino time. Lost 5 pounds on the roulette.

Food and drinks

  • full english breakfast with eggs, bacon and mushrooms
  • funky tuna bagel
  • loads of fried stuff at the casino

Flash on the Beach – day 0



  • Travel to Brighton via London.
  • Check into guest house.
  • Pub, restaurant, party.


  • squirrels
  • German panda with two promo chicks
  • iPhone
  • Nicolas Cannasse (mtasc/haxe programmer)
  • powerflasher
  • Serge Jespers
  • Peter Elst
  • Koen De Weggheleire
  • Wouter Verweirder
  • Klaus Delanghe


  • Lee Brimelow
  • Aral Balkan
  • Grant Skinner
  • Keith Peters

Food and drinks

  • hot coco
  • large big mac menu
  • pizza quatre stagione

FileZilla decrypt


Every now and then I get someone asking me for an ftp password. Mine have always been stored in FileZilla. I don’t know them by heart. There is no problem with this except that FileZilla encrypts them. Thank God decrypting FileZilla 2 passwords is easy. Here is some as2 code to accomplish it:


Brighton, here I come!


I’m really looking forward to Flash on the Beach. I share these three days of excitement with my two colleagues Brik and Piet.

Flash on the Beach ‘07