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Switching to Mac


I’ve recently switched from windows and linux to mac. Pretty much everything is different. Here are the shortcuts I can’t live without:

On Windows, I used to… On my Mac…
Home Cmd+Left
End Cmd+Right
Delete fn+Backspace
Ctrl+Left Alt+Left
Ctrl+Right Alt+Right
Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
PrintScreen Cmd+Shift+3: print full screen to file on desktop
Cmd+Shift+4: print selected region to file on desktop
Cmd+Shift+4 Space Click: print selected window, including shadow, to file on desktop
Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+3: print full screen to clipboard
Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4: print selected region to clipboard
Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4 Space Click: print selected window, including shadow, to clipboard
Cmd+Space grab Cmd+Shift+W Click Click Cmd+S: print selected window, without shadow, to file
pipe | Alt+Shift+L
tilde ~ Alt+N Space
Ctrl+Alt+Del Force quit unresponsive application Cmd+Alt+Esc Click
Cmd+Alt+Shift+Esc (hold for three seconds)
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Task Manager Cmd+Space Activity Monitor
F2 rename file Enter
Enter open file Cmd+Down
Windows+Left install ShifIt and then Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Left
Windows+Right install ShifIt and then Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Right
Del to delete a file Cmd+Backspace
Windows+D to show desktop fn+F11
Insert to select a file in midnight commander Ctrl+T

See also Apple Support: Switching PC Habits.