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Css in Flex


I had some issues today to change the background color of a button in Flex. The up-skin was set for the Button selector which meant setting the fill-colors property for the Button.special selector had no effect. Setting the up-skin to null was the only solution. This was easy to do in code with setStyle, but I wanted to do it in css. Writing null wasn’t quite enough. Apearently you need to use ClassReference(null). Hope this helps someone out.

Button {
  up-skin: Embed(source='img/example.png');
  up-skin: ClassReference(null);
  fill-alphas: 1.0, 1.0;
  fill-colors: #00FF00, #00FF00;

CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver CS3 – Multi-Mania 2007 notes


25-5-2007, 10:30am – CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver CS3 by Stephanie Sullivan

Css positioning has allways been hard. The css starter pages Stephanie created for Dreamweaver CS3 are therefore more than welcome.

Lessons learned:

  • Clearing a float in a non-floated element will clear the floats that are outside that element. So you need to float that surrounding element and optionally give it a with of 100%.
  • Clearing a float can be done with a br, hr or div. I prefer Super simple clearing floats by Anne van Kesteren, but this way is indeed easier to understand.
  • Float drop occurs when a float doesn’t have enough room. This requires you never to use images larger than the column width.
  • Stephanie mentions Creating Liquid Faux Columns, an article from 2004 which I had forgotten all about. Very interesting.
  • Stretchy headers are mentioned. Anice technique in which the background image is wider than it should be. Thus when the width of the design increases you see more of the background image.
  • The CSS Advisor wiki is up and running. Loads of tips there. It’s a great companion to the css-discuss Wiki.

Seeing all this css goodness made me hungry for more. So I created my own three columns fixed width layout. I’m quite pleased with the result. It doesn’t need any hacks except for internet explorer older than version 7.