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pong0.5k, a game in 510bytes


Mr.doob created a 1k pong game in as3. Which made my fingers itch to do better. So here it is, in as2, less than half the filesize and the same functionality.


AIR afterhours


I’ve been to a great afterhours session about AIR with Peter Elst. He’s writing a book on the subject so obviously there was lots he had to teach. He covered the windowing, file, dragdrop, sqlite and upgrade apis. This was a bring-your-own-laptop session so all the people present were experimenting with the code. We found a few oddities that you usually learn the hard way.

FileFilter behaves differently on mac and windows. On windows the extension parameter must start with an asterisk "*.html", on mac both "*.html" and ".html" seem to work.

Creating and manipulating NativeWindows works great, but adding flex components to the stage of a new NativeWindow doesn’t seem to work. Daniel Dura had a workaround for this, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore.

He gifted a few books at the end. ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns is now mine. Thanks Peter!

Update: Peter has remembered how to use mx.core.Window as a a native window.