Flash on the Beach – day 1


  • Barely slept
  • Registration. Got a goodybag containing flash on the beach slippers, stickers, a towel and a book.
  • Intro.
  • Next version of flash gets a cross-domain component cache, typed arrays, encrypted video streams, much better text flow, 64 bit support, multiple processor support, full screen gpu support, … Also see Aral’s post on this.
  • Flex gets a performance profiler and renaming a methods will change all calls to it. Refactoring is finally here.
  • Sneak preview of Flash CS4. Animation without keyframes, bezier paths for motion tweens, reverse kinematics, …
  • Particle effects in as3.
  • Pirates of accessability. Still no seamless tabbing in Firefox 3. Inspect32 gives us the same data as screen readers can get from flash.
  • Joshua Davis was awesome.
  • Casino time. Lost 5 pounds on the roulette.

Food and drinks

  • full english breakfast with eggs, bacon and mushrooms
  • funky tuna bagel
  • loads of fried stuff at the casino

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