Silverlight 1.0 is released and it doesn’t work on Mac OS prior to version 10.4.8, Linux, Windows 2000 and the Opera browser.

Flash Player 9 reached 90% penetration. Maybe thanks to being truly cross platform?

The iPod touch has a multi touch interface, wifi, iTunes and Safari. I wonder if it also lets you share your music for 3 days?

Opera 9.5 alpha has been released. It is blazingly fast and has a full-text search feature of your history.

Search was added to Google Reader. This also makes it impossible to use with Opera 9.5 alpha.

2 Responses to “News”

  1. Christophe says:

    Was in the States last week and wanted to pick up the newly announced iPod touch. With the dollar begin or the Euro being up – depending on which side of the pond you live – I wanted to do a good deal. Too bad they were only selling the iPod touch in the Apple stores as of next week :-(

  2. Piet Santy says:

    And not to forget – Adobe announced a new version of the flashplayer soon, called “Astro”