I too am toying around with Flex 2. Thus copying every other Flash programmer on this planet. The states, transitions and binding are going to be a blessing for every programmer.

The Retrieve and Display Data tutorial explains how to read an rss2 feed. Copy-pasting the sample code is too easy, so I decided to add a bit more functionallity.

  • The date is now formatted,
  • There is a “Loading” and “Loaded” state,
  • There is a transition between states,
  • Links in the TextArea are blue and underlined,
  • The whole app has a minimum and maximum size,
  • There is a VDividedBox surrounding the TextArea and DataGrid,
  • A “view source” link was added.

You can see the BlogReader example online. Don’t forget to take a look at the code!

See also Styling Flex TextArea content with CSS.

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